We Are Thunder Action Sports

Thunder Action Sports are a team of dedicated sports professionals with an awe-inspiring, Roadshow! The team from Northern Ireland perform deadly stunts through BMX, Skate, Scoot, Parkour and Blade.

The team can wow crowds across Europe courtesy of their fully mobile stunt show. Each show consists of the very best in Irish & British Action Sports athletes and ensures a jaw-dropping experience for every event. Whether you’re planning festivals, work-place events, brand activations or community projects, let us bring the Thunder!

The UK's Premier Urban Sports Live Show

Our live show packages can be completely tailored to the needs and theme of your event. Each performance includes a live DJ and professional MC bringing plenty of energy! Plus prize draws and audience participation specials which are guaranteed to deliver a maximum WOW factor. Booking couldn’t be easier. Just enquire using our contact form and we’ll call you back to discuss options, budgets and availability.

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Jaw-Dropping Live Action

We offer adrenaline-fuelled action sports displays across the UK & Ireland. If you need the WOW factor at your event, we’ll bring the THUNDER! Flips, Whips, Spins and heap of positive energy leaves the whole crowd in awe, amazed and screaming for more.

Jump Show

Three ramps, four athletes, a live DJ and ringmaster. Expect jaw-dropping action from leading local and international urban sports stars led by the team captain and event MC Cpt Matt G.

Half Pipe Show

This fast paced Stunt Show involves 2 purpose built ramps over 6ft heigh. It features leading performers across BMX, Skate, Scoot, Blade & Parkour and is designed to thrill any crowd. All our shows are accompanied by a live DJ and MC to keep the crowd hyped and screaming for more.

Thunder Half Pipe Festival

Festival Half Pipe Show

This is the Big daddy half pipe arena, slightly larger in footprint from a traditional halfpipe show and featuring: More stunt riders, elevated DJ podium, more sound system to extend the music vibe far beyond the Stunt show set up, double up on the crowd control and Live Art by an industry leading Graffiti Artist. You’ll know the Thunder has arrived with our juiced up Festival Halfpipe show.

Festive Jump Show

For our festival stage, we take the traditional stunt show and beef up the action with twice the amount of stunt riders, double up on the crowd control and mix the Urban vibe and groove from the music and Arts industries into one big Action Sports Festival ensemble. Our Live DJ will deliver a funky fresh set from on top of the extended Ramp arena and the best in Local artists will create jaw-dropping Art throughout the event that’ll be sure to feature on every social media network going.

Thunder Jumpshow Festival

Flatland Show

Leading BMXers showcase their incredible balance, style and grace in the flatland BMX show. If you’ve never seen flatland before, it fuses breakdancing and ballet, performed on a BMX bike. It’s truly incredible to witness. If your looking for a unique, small show that will leave a crowd baffled and undeniably impressed, this is for you.

Events On Any Scale

We can perform in both small and large venue:

  • Jump Show: 30 x 8 meters
  • Half Pipe Show: 13 x 6 metres
  • Flatland Show: 11 x 11 meters

Our ramps are suitable for indoor or outdoor events, we just need a flat surface.

What Our Clients & Fans Say

Meet Our Performers

Matt Gillespie Thunder Team Photo

Matt `The Captain` Gillespie

Team Captain, MC & Lead Coordinator
Matt has been at the forefront of the Irish BMX scene with over two decades of BMX riding under his belt. Matt has competed at some of the most reputable competitions nationally and internationally, showcasing his unique talent cultivated by riding the streets and parks of Belfast since he was 9 years old. This led him to build the highly revered skate park at T13 and chair the board responsible for Bridges skate park in Belfast.
Mikey Mccelland Thunder Team Photo

Mikey Mclelland AKA Military Mike

Team Performer
Mikey is 37 and the ultimate BMX ambassador, always keeping the team motivated on demo days. He’s a master at keeping the crew nutrition on point and is a bad ass rider on a BMX. Mikey is well known for big jump box moves like stretched no-foot-cancans, clicked turndowns, big backflips. A perfectionist, his bike is always gleaming and ready to get the job done with military precision.
Gary Spence Thunder Team Shot

Gary Spencer AKA Shutdown Spencer

Team Performer
Gary is 23, from Liverpool England and joined the team in 2015. Gary can literally pull anything he feels like when the thought crosses his mind. He comes armed with a plethora of big crowd-pleasing moves under his belt that never cease to amaze our spectators. Gary is well known for massive 360 backflips, multiple barspin and tailwhips combos.

Joel Harper AKA Hammer-time Harper

Team Captain & BMX Coach
Hailing from Dundonald, Northern Ireland, Joel is just 22 years old. His commitment and passion for BMX can be seen from the smile on his face to his ever-present desire to progress. Joel is dedicated to learning the latest and greatest moves that he can dream up. Joel is the firm foundation of the Thunder Team and well known for throwing down Flips, multiple whips and Bar-spin combos.

Ryan Henderson AKA The HENDO

Team Performer
Ryan is 22 from Hillsborough North Ireland. He got involved with the team in 2014 after demonstrating excellent bike control, the boost factor and a burning desire to progress and have a good time on his BMX. Ryan is well known for moves like stretching tuck-no-handers, nothings, huge backflips and a super smooth riding style.
Mike Hullock Thunder Team Photo

Mike Hullock AKA The Hitman Hullock

Team Performer
Mike Hullock is a 22 year old Trick machine from the mainland UK. Mike has been at the forefront of progressive BMX riding for the last few years and is smashing out the biggest moves anyone has seen in his every day casual session. We’re stoked to have him shredding with us and just wait till you meet him in the flesh! A super sound dude to back up the moves.
Karl McKee Thunder Team Photo

Karl Folland AKA STRETCH

Team Performer
At over 6ft, Karl is the tallest member of the Thunder crew. He is 19 years old and resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He joined the team in 2016 and is a bit of a natural. He has taken to 2 wheels all guns blazing from 2014 and has a big bag of crowd-pleasing tricks like his signature SUPERMAN-Seatgrab, double-Tail-whips, multiple bar-spins and isn’t afraid to go big and upside down.
Dean Cueson Thunder Team Photo

Dean Cueson AKA Dean the Machine

Team Performer
Dean is 26 from Birmingham England and has been with us since 2016. Dean is a well known UK pro and has represented some of the biggest brands in BMX over the last decade. Dean is an asset to the team and loves working with the crowds at events and coaching workshops. He is well known for going insanely high out of the ramps with an unrivalled style that’s blended with killer bar-spin combos, super-mans, 720’s and just about whatever takes his fancy.
James McIlwaine Thunder Team Photo

James Macilwaine AKA J-MAC

Team Performer
James is 14 and from Green Island, Northern Ireland. He has grown up fast over the last few years and has taken freestyle scootering to a whole new level in Northern Ireland. J-MAC is at the top of the tree when it comes to big and burly moves along with the technically difficult stuff. James is our no.1 when it comes to Scoot and brings his own bag of epic showmanship to our demo’s with flairs, flips, mega whip combos and a whole lot more.
Jonny Lamont Thunder Team Photo

Jonny Lamont AKA Leaping Lamont

Team Performer
Jonny Lamont is a major player in the progressive Irish Stunt Scooter scene. He combines his gutsy moves with a go big attitude which fits perfectly with the Stunt show ethos. Jonny puts his skills to good use at our training facility too by running our weekly Scooter club which is VERY popular. Get behind Mr Lamont at our next show and watch this ripper produce the goods!

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Size:30 x 8 meters

Setup Time: 3 hours

Suitable For: Indoor & outdoor venues, flat surface.


Size:13 x 6 metres

Setup Time: 2 hours

Suitable For: Indoor & outdoor venues, flat surface.


Size:11 x 11 meters

Setup Time: 30 minutes

Suitable For: Indoor & outdoor venues, super-flat surface.


We can create custom entertainment events to suit your needs!

– Any Urban Sport: BMX, Scoot, Skate, Blade, Parkour

– Any ramp setup, depending on available space

– Any occasion, private or public

– Any time and any location across the UK & Europe

All equipment provided, including safety barriers and sound systems

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To book a show, please use the contact form provided, or simply drop us an email at enquiries@thunderactionsports.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do you need?

For each of the show options, we have floor plan drawings available to view or download.

Can you perform on grass?

Yes, we can perform on hard smooth flat grass areas. At times we may need to lay a wooden floor to make the grass area suitable for a stunt performance. This comes at an extra cost that will be communicated after an site visit has been conducted.

What happens if it rains?

Most of the time we can work through light drizzle and showers by using specialist coatings on our performance ramps and making extra efforts to dry off the stunt show area. If the rain is heavy and persistent, we are not able to perform our stunt shows as there is an increased risk of injury to one of our team members.

Do you have event insurance?

Yes, we are comprehensively insured for running events, stunt shows, coaching workshops and competitions. We take great care in managing risk and do the utmost to keep everyone involved within a carefully managed level of risk.

Can you offer themed or bespoke stunt show options?

Yes, if you have a specific theme for your event, we can alter our appearance, the teams outfits and event arena. Alterations and bespoke event options must be paid for by the booking agent or client.

What do you need from us to do your job?

We need to be able to access the event location prior to the event to sign off on venue conditions and adequate space. We require unrestricted access to load and off load our event equipment into the demo arena site. We also need access to power (13 amp plug sockets) and the provision of crowd control barriers to surround our event arena.

If your event will have a large crowd in attendance, we will require additional staff to help secure our area and we need access to your first aid provisions in the event of an accident. We require a dedicated member of the venues team to liaise with before, during and after the event for information.

Can you provide stunt riders for filming projects / TV / media campaigns?

Yes, our team are available to hire for specific and bespoke event solutions. We can provide stunt athletes, ramps and other event solutions to allow you to meet your client’s needs.

What scale of event can you entertain for?

We have performed our stunt shows to a few hundred, up to several thousand spectators at any one time. If you are looking to have your crowd amazed, inspired, and to talk about your event for years to come, we’re a sure bet to do that for you.

How long do stunt shows last?

A typical stunt show will last 20 minutes. Depending on the needs of your event or the running schedule, we can shorten or lengthen these show times to allow a smooth and flowing running order for your event.

What happens if there’s an accident?

Our team are professionals and are highly trained and skilled in their performing realm. Should any of the team take an unexpected fall, we will have crowd barriers in place to protect the crowd. All of our team are emergency first aid response trained and can support our injured along with keeping records. Should we need more than basic first aid, we will require access to a venues first aid provisions.

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