Welcome to Thunder Park, Ireland's Premier Actions Sports Facility

Thunder Park is a 14,000 square foot purpose built Action Sports training and recreational facility strategically located in Eddie Irvine Sports, Bangor.

This long established recreation centre has great transport links and local amenities on the doorstep.

Designed with progression in mind, our park features Irelands only RESI-Ramp accompanied with training Foam Pit.

Throughout the park, we have half pipes, jump boxes and a mini pump track for ages of 6 years +.

Ride and learn alongside the best

The Park is run by the elite of the local Action Sports world and offers something for all levels and abilities.

There are BMX, scooter & skate training clubs to join which focus on safe participation with all the tips and tricks on how to be the best you can be.

We offer a range of special events, training and coaching clubs, expert-led workshops and we don’t just stop at BMX, skate and scoot! Try your skills at DJing and Breakdancing too.

Or why not make a group booking! We cater for birthdays, stag/hen parties, private bookings or whatever you can throw at us.

Hit personal targets

Compete in competitions

Progress quickly

Zero tolerance policy

No need to book

Convenient location

Getting To Thunder Park

Address: Eddie Irvine Sports, 41 Balloo Road, Bangor, County Down, BT19 7PG

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The park is conveniently located near Bangor with ease of access by train, bus, car or foot. Don’t worry about parking, there’s plenty. We’re open 7 days a week and our training clubs run weekly. There’s always something happening, always people here, always something new to learn. Come join our adrenaline-fuelled mayhem.

High-end equipment available to hire, ample onsite parking, hot, convenience food available onsite and heaps of other exciting activities inside the venue.

Call for more information: 028 9145 1457 – (Eddie Irvine Sports Reception)

Opening Hours

We’re open 7 days a week:

Weekdays: 6pm-10pm

Saturday: 10am-8pm

Sunday: 12pm-8pm

£5 Saturday Special: 10am-12pm

Thunder Park on Day Out With The Kids



Our clubs run 6-10pm Monday – Wednesday. Monday Club is closed for non club users. Tuesday & Wednesday clubs run along side open sessions to the public.
£12.50 for 1 Club session
Open 6pm – 10pm Thursday & Friday
£10 for 1 session
£7.50 for a 2hr session


Open 10am – 8pm
£10 for 1 session
£15 for 2 sessions
£5 Saturday Special: 10am – 12pm


Open 12pm – 8pm
£10 for 1 session
£15 for 2 sessions


We hire our equipment per session – doesn’t matter if you’re using it for 1 hour or all day, the price is the same.

  • BMX – £10
  • MTB – £10
  • Mini Rockers – £10
  • Scooter / Skateboard – £6
  • Helmets – £3

For group bookings and parties, we can create custom packages to suit your needs with a minimum of 10 people!

Consent Forms

Every park user coming to Thunder Park must have a fully completed consent form signed by a a parent or guardian over the age of 16 years old. Failure to have this completed will result in entry being refused to the park.

Download The Form


Check Out The Ramps You'll Roll

Ireland's Only Resi Ramp

Resi Ramps are the safest way to learn new tricks and this is the first of its kind on Irish shores. The plastic ramps offer next to no friction, so you just slide down the ramp. Meanwhile, a layer of foam under the Resi absorbs the majority of an impact.

Together, they make falling fun and (almost) pain-free! Ours has a 5.5ft takeoff, curved top and landing with integrated foam layers and a top layer of safety resin.

Thunder Park Resi Ramp
Thunder Park Foampit

Ireland's Biggest Foam Pit

The other way to learn new tricks safely is with a foam pit. Just launch yourself off the ramp, perform your new trick fail-free, then plunge into over 5 feet of soft foam cubes. Sounds fun, right? It is!

Ours has a 5.5ft takeoff and the pit is 16ft wide by 24ft long pit full of high quality foam cubes. We only let experienced riders use the foam pit and full training will be provided.

Super-bank - Ireland's tallest ramp!

Meet Irelands tallest ramp! At a whopping 20ft wide and 12ft tall, this beast will give you all the room and space you need to generate speed and flow for the jump section!

Think big, think fast.

Thunder Park Jump Boxes

Main Arena

We don’t just stop at mega-ramps. We’ve got a selection of some of the biggest indoor wooden jumps in Ireland too.

Huge 5.5ft takeoffs, 12ft wide, waved tops, and curved landings so no matter how fast you throw yourself at the jump, you’ll get a soft and controlled landing. Dig deep and get tricky.

Thunder Park Reviews & Testimonials



Staff are really friendly and willing to help with any issues and just a great park! Well done and I recommend to anyone thinking about coming here!

Geoff Skinner


Just WOW!!

Get down and check it out for yourself.

Dave Smith


Best skate & BMX park in Ireland!

Amazing staff and well run.

Richie White

Holywood, N.Ireland

What more could you want in a Park?

This place has everything you need to progress as a rider and meet new people! Get down and check it out!

Ross Ridge


Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you have to be to use Thunder Park?

A minimum of 6+ years to use the main ramps. Coaching clubs are recommended for under 14’s to boost skills, work on park etiquette and reduce risk.

Are adults welcome?

Absolutely! You’re never too old to ride a skate park or too old to give it a go for the first time. Whether you’re new to the sport or returning, you are very welcome at Thunder Park.

What equipment do I need to visit Thunder Park?

We offer a selection of safety and sporting equipment that can be hired for public use. All our equipment is of a high standard, is regularly checked and maintained for optimum safety. If you wish to bring your own equipment, please ensure it is safely maintained as you are responsible for your equipment and any failure is your responsibility.

We recommend that enthusiasts purchase and use a comprehensive level of safety protection like ankle guards, shin guards, knee pads, gloves, a helmet and if you’d like extra protection, elbow pads and a gum shield. These can be purchased online and from a variety of local sports stores. We also have some to purchase in our shop. If you would like more advice on this please ask one of the team, or at the Thunder Park reception.

What happens if someone gets hurt?

The staff and instructors at Thunder Park are experienced and trained to deal with mishaps big and small. Immediate care and attention will be given to someone if they have an accident and parents will be notified immediately. We also produce an official accident report which will be kept on record.

Thunder Park is a high-risk sporting arena due to the nature of the activities. It is recommended that all visitors do their best to protect themselves with safety equipment and it’s our responsibility to ensure that all ramp structures are safely maintained and fit for purpose.

Can I book your venue for a large group activity session?

Yes, we can accommodate large group bookings and have up to 10 different activities that would accommodate 100 participants simultaneously engaged in the activity. These can be onsite at Thunder Park or at a venue of your choosing. Please get in touch with specific requirements and for a quote.

When are you open?

We’re open 7 days a week, 6pm-10pm Weekdays, 10am-8pm Saturday and 12pm-8pm Sunday. There will be extended opening hours during school holidays and public holidays. If you would like to book our venue outside of our listed opening hours, please get in contact with specific requirements and we will try to accommodate if possible.

Do I need to book?

If you’re bringing a group to us and anticipate the need for equipment hire, phone ahead to reserve your gear to avoid disappointment.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, Thunder Park is a high-risk environment with high-risk activities. It is best practice if all visitors, regardless of age or ability, are wearing helmets to protect themselves and others around them. Of course, if you are taking part in an activity like parkour, dance, DJing and art, then you don’t need to wear a helmet.

What Clothes should I wear?

We would recommend where possible that you wear unrestrictive clothing that allows for full freedom of movement and flat rubber-soled shoes for gripping adequately to a skateboard, pedals or scoot deck.

Do I need to stay and supervise my kids?

Not if you don’t want to. You are allowed to leave your children with us if you wish. However, we must be able to contact you at all times. So, if you’re leaving your child unsupervised, please leave your contact details at the sign in desk.

We run a strict zero-tolerance policy. Attendees behaviour is constantly monitored for everyone safety and enjoyment. We pride ourselves on offering a safe controlled environment for everyone to enjoy Action Sports together.

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6pm - 10pm Weekdays | 10am - 8pm Saturday | 12pm - 8pm Sunday

Eddie Irvine Sports, 41 Balloo Road, Bangor, County Down, BT19 7PG

028 9145 1457 - (Eddie Irvine Sports Reception)